I am SHE


I am She is an apparel brand created to empower, uplift and support women.

We make most of our garments from dead stock fabrics, which are fabrics left over from mills and garment factories ( pre-consumer waste). The fashion industry produces a huge amount of waste. Whether it's leftover yardage or just slightly flawed, most companies discard of these surplus materials all too quickly. As a small apparel company, we are able to 'recycle' these materials and make amazing things with them.

Every piece is a reflection of the passion and desire we live and breathe. Come explore and take part in our adventure. 





I am she who dances in the rain, who runs with the wind.

I am she who gracefully floats through rough streams.

I am she who burns with passion, who is engulfed by excitement.

I am she whose spirit silently soars over oceans and seas.

I am she whose voice resonates from every corner.

I am she who is cloaked with strength and boldness, who withers at nothing.

I am she who lifts the mountains to make way for a field of dreams.

I am she who speaks of love and not of hate.

I am she who is sun-kissed by fire, who stands tall as a tree.

I am she who craves new adventures, conquering challenges as they come.

I am she who chases dreams to the ends of the earth.

I am she who will change the world one step at a time.

I am bold. 

I am strong. 

I am SHE.